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When travelling on an EJS private jet, you have luxury & convenience at your fingertips. You know you’ll get to your destination on time, without any delays.

EJS are a trusted and professional business and VIP private jet charter company, with experts on hand to assist and give you advice making sure you enjoy your flight to and from San Jose, Ibiza, Spain.

Some of the private VIP jets EJS uses are owned by large corporations and individuals, who hire their luxury jets for private charter when not in use by themselves.

All private jets are selected according to your destination, specific needs, flight schedule, comfort, number of passengers, and type of assignment. As a general rule, light jet aircraft such as Cessna Mustang and Cessna CJ2 are suitable for trips up to 2:30 min for with 4-6 passengers. Flight with 6-8 passengers will call for the charter of midsize jets such as Cessna XLS and Challenger 300 which are the best choice for trips of up to 5 hours.

For larger parties with 8 to 16 passengers it is best to focus on the entry level heavy jet category including Challenger 605 and Falcon 2000 as well as long range business jets such as Falcon 7X, Global Express and Gulfstream G550 with a range of up to 6500 nautical miles and up to 13 hrs flight time.

Private Jet Charters & Aircraft Hire Services to San Jose Ibiza, Spain

Why take a EJS private jet to San Jose, Ibiza? There are many reasons to use private charter jets to and from San Jose, Ibiza. The main general reasons are convenience, quality and comfort. Convenience is the most significant reasons for using private aircraft. You can arrive at the airport just minutes before your scheduled departure time and fly directly to your destination without waiting. No waiting in queues! This makes your EJS VIP flight to or from San Jose, Ibiza more productive and enjoyable, with less stress and no overnight stays. You and your family, business colleagues or friends can make the most of the travel time to talk business, work or fun.

Travelling by EJS Private Jet also means that you can travel with your special belongings such as instruments, sports gear, or product samples. You are not restricted by luggage weight or size rules, which means, you can feel free to take all you need on your luxury flight. EJS Private Jet Charters provide you with, luxury furnishings, plenty of space, personal attention, and your preferred menu and food and drinks can be ordered ahead of time, to add to the convenience.

When travelling by an EJS business Jet, you can hold meetings in total privacy and make productive use of your time, without being over heard. Your overall travel will also be far less visible when you're on a private executive charter, so helping preserve the secrecy around important negotiations or deals.

Private VIP jets always reduce stress, as you don’t have to worry about queuing, waiting, lost luggage, transfers, delay, concerns or security issues like on commercial flights, making you Private Jet Charter flight more relaxed.

Let’s not forget hiring an EJS private jet aircraft projects a well run, efficient, successful individual or organisation, that values time and can afford private air travel.

Nearest airport
Ibiza airport is located on the south west coast of the island of Ibiza. The airport is also known as Aeroport d'Ibiza San Jose. Ibiza Airport (Aeropuerto de Ibiza San José) is an international airport. Ibiza Airport also has a dedicated private jet terminal - which means private jet passengers can depart and arrive in complete ease, with no hassle. The airport is busiest during the summer months; most of the passengers arrive during May to October.

The summer season in San Jose Ibiza generally starts in the month of May and stays on average, within the late 20ºc, early 30ºC right through until September. There is very little rain until November, but the winter does stay generally mild also; with some rainfall and chilly days from November to April.

About San Jose Town
San Jose, Ibiza is a charming village situated slightly inland set on the Sa Talaia, Ibiza's tallest mountain. Sa Talaia is the highest hill and woodland on the island at 475 metres above sea level, is located in the centre of the municipality and offers one of the best views in the island.

This pretty whitewashed village is far removed from the world famous party scene hot spots that Ibiza is famous for. San Jose has an easygoing and friendly atmosphere. The church dominates the skyline of the village, although the views to the coast and the rest of the municipality of San Jose are beautiful.

San José village has many boutique shops bars and restaurants and in the summer months is a very nice place to wonder around or to sit and enjoy coffee in one of its terrace cafés. On March the 9th San José celebrates its "Fiesta Major" with fireworks, street stalls, shows and a dance in one of the large tents that are set up for the occasion. You can also listen to traditional Ibicencan singing at the village celebrations who songs tell stories and history in a very unusual way.

San Jose is a genuinely delightful place, which although has grown in popularity in recent year, has lost absolutely none of its traditional charm and friendly, local atmosphere.

San Jose is a great village for dining out
There are some wonderful restaurants serving traditional Ibicencan cuisine, tapas and seafood. You can enjoy a delicious meal tucked away in a secluded tiny restaurant, or eat out on the village square and watch the world go by.

The 80 kilometre long coastline is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coves on the island, including Vavallet, Ses Salines, Porrogi, sa Caleta and Cala Jondal, Platges de Comte and Cala Corral.

Nature and outdoor pursuit’s lovers can head to the stunning Ses Salines Natural Park or d’es Vedra, es Vedranell and Islotes de Poniente natural reserves.

Do not miss the Ses Salines beach in San Jose, a place of rest for international top-models, stars and famous personalities.

The typical, traditional dance of San Jose is called Ball Pagés: the dance itself, the customs and the jewellery used by the dancers are a true marvel for the spectator. Last but not least, is the magnificent gastronomy; excellent baking and an array of traditional rice and stew dishes made with local ?roca? fish.

For those who like excitement, go mountain biking! San Jose Ibiza has the perfect climate and terrain, the dirt roads and trails are perfect for a good day of biking. San Jose is a cosy little village where life is fun all year round.

San Jose Ibiza is a popular location and taking a private charter jet will get you there in style. EJS can arrange corporate jet charters, business jets, executive jets or VIP luxury jets to take you to Ibiza in Spain. If you’re interested in hiring a private aircraft or corporate jet charter for your flight to Ibiza in Spain; EJS Aviation should be given consideration, as they are a trusted and top quality private jet company.

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